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Old 06-16-2010, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by nickson104 View Post
Exactly That sounds cool actually, two birds with one stone, you have a militia for any emergency and it gives them something to do And yes they have the knowledge, but that knowledge may be outdated now you must remember, its a possibility
Yeah, it's a good zombie killing system..

And, naw, they don't get outdated, get trained on the new stuffs as it gets to the regular armed forces.. Plus, they can probarly do a mcguyver and make a zombie killing robot from the left over beer cans! LOL!

(A bit OT: I hafta say this though, was seriously impressed last time when they had a public event, two tanks, no gas, two groups, and defence time... New special forces guys were like, ok, dig tank in, put glass above (stops IR and laser sights), and have you have a nifty bunker.. camouflage it etc..

Old guys were like, ok, we used to run our cars on woodcoal smoke instead of gasoline during the war... .. .. built a "gengas" supplier (cook wood until it puts out smoke, the smoke can be injected into a regular gasoline engine and used instead), hooked it up to the tank, ran it around and up the butt of the other guys tank.. ROFL! knowledge like that, it the best.. )
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