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Originally Posted by kateros View Post
Well Iím not trying to be ignorant either, but many Germans only speaks German, they do learn English but other then the gamers(only MMO and such) they donít nurture it. Everything that comes to Germany gets Translated (not with subs but dub (German voice actors)) even in the Cinema. I have German Family and when we watched, an English movie they said that they had never done that. It is strange but thatís how it is, a lot of countries around Germany speaks German to they just not used to it.( If there are any Germans out there that feel offended by what I said plz tell me, it was not my intension. Its just my experience.)
I would like to learn german (just because I have german family), but other then that german to me isn't an interesting language (sound annoying). Well the most annoying language that I heard is hmong (I get the urge to say no offense, but I'm going to).

German people are intesting, My grandmother doesn't like black people (and my dad is black) so, I don't visited her very much.
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