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Old 10-26-2007, 02:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Ryan Zelazny View Post
DoF has actually been in development since 2001, we've come a long way!

Most people on the forum know this already, but as a independent developer, Reverie didn't actually pay any of us to work for about the first six years, so some of us -like myself- have only been able to work part-time on the project.

A lot of projects like ours fail quite quickly, but we've managed to continue on and look to be very successful in the future.

The engine does support unlimited zoom and angle, you could easily view from 3rd person perspective, or even first person if you wanted. We were originally thinking of an option to play the game from the Hero's perspective, being able to control him/her personally, and switch back to the overhead RTS perspective with a tap of a button. We however have put the idea on the back burner, as we are unsure on how it will play out when your trying to weed your way through 2000 units controlling just 1.
Wow 2001...didnt pay you? cheek! lol

Oh cool! So it can/is possible.

Maybe (big maybe) you could make it a togglable features in the game options or release a demo with it in to see how it plays out.

Ah thats the think, when i was playing RAF I thought the same thing upon how it would work, but it did so well is was unreal.

Basically they way they did it was that, you had numerous options, go off by your self and hack and slash your way through stealthily, or lead your army into battle behind you, whilst you control the hero and go and pick off key locations (a fun thing in RAF was climbing up the ladders of enemy sentry towers and slicing them up, then calling in the seige) it allowed you to control the out come of certain objectives much more easily, and with the leveling up and "favour" system, your attributes could expand further.

1 very awesome thing was when you where in normal top down view, was you could position your armies little groups behind rock or in trees of say a canyon whilst your enemy wasnt looking...switch to hero mode, walk up a path to a base, the enemy would come out in force, you hit a button that makes your army attack/follow, and they all come rushing out from all angles etc haha it was great

Your hero was slightly more powerful in this mode, but at a cost of overall vision I.E. no top down strategy based attacks, hence why you planned an attack first, if you got pounded down a lot with your health dwindeling, you auto exited the mode, as to focus on the rest of your army.

So yeah, good times. But alas its your game after all, im just a mad fan