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Old 10-25-2007, 07:28 PM
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DoF has actually been in development since 2001, we've come a long way!

Most people on the forum know this already, but as a independent developer, Reverie didn't actually pay any of us to work for about the first six years, so some of us -like myself- have only been able to work part-time on the project.

A lot of projects like ours fail quite quickly, but we've managed to continue on and look to be very successful in the future.

The engine does support unlimited zoom and angle, you could easily view from 3rd person perspective, or even first person if you wanted. We were originally thinking of an option to play the game from the Hero's perspective, being able to control him/her personally, and switch back to the overhead RTS perspective with a tap of a button. We however have put the idea on the back burner, as we are unsure on how it will play out when your trying to weed your way through 2000 units controlling just 1.