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Old 06-13-2010, 05:15 PM
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Our militia is awesome, its a rapid assembly of soldiers all veterans. They are armed with everything from battlebows (mostly for fun) to high explosives to blow up the nearby bridges. My father just resigned from this and thus had to give back his automatic rifle and all the awesome stuff with it. He got to keep the war bow though They are in every town really its just that noone hears about it. I guess its because norway is so small that even having a local militia is impossible to believe for some. Our militia is armed well, sometimes i believe better then our regular army. (you know half the norwegian navy is so high tech that we cant afford to use it and our air force is outdated. Our tanks are very limited in numbers, just getting into a tank corps is almost impossible. Our infantry is however shared between para's marines and infantry. Look at that one of our main GROUPS are drop people. So our army should be able to take any zombie threat without much of a problem. However another nation attacking and we would end up dying a lot faster then against zombies. We got the mobility not the funds
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