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Old 10-25-2007, 11:31 AM
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Default Some desired features

From the looks of it there seems to be a lot about this game im looking forward to such as the weather, moddabilty, campaign etc but there's some things which i would love to see, or would request (maybe for a mod or w/e)

Unit/race/building advantages/disadv per time of day or conditions, for example night time, more stealthy, rainy less accuracy, meteors/earthquakes, well general death and "demoralization" of sorts

Destructable land

Hero units: Are there any? If so it would lead onto my next idea of

A hero mode: Much like the game "rise and fall" i loved the hero mod perspective so much i was in it like 70% of the time in a battle !

Also when is the expected release date?

Enviromental effects linked with weather would nice, earthquakes etc, meteors

But looking forward to it =]