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Old 06-09-2010, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by kateros View Post
would't it be wiser just to sell the game cheaper and then let the people deside what they want?
From a buyers point of view, yes. From a publishers point of view, no.

They sell at such high prices for many reasons;
They must cover their costs
They want to make a profit
The customer is WILLING to pay that much and so they are able to price it at that level (if we boycotted games that price we would see a fall in price, but also a fall in the industry, no-one wants to be in an industry where theres no money to be made)
And they also price similar to competitors as that way they bonus from not being more expensive than competitors but they arent low quality/cheapy productions either (Look at Sold-Out's reputation, they sell old/budget games at a cheap price, but they are pretty much the laughing stock of the industry for that)

And that is just on a business side, nevermind the production side. There can be many issues in production and testing that can be very costly. What you must realise is that out of many games on the market, there are a great deal more that would have been on the market if they hadnt encountered difficulties...
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