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Originally Posted by DarkMaster View Post
anything is vulnerable to lightsaber blades (except other lightsaber blades).
Not true: Mando iron. It is one of the only metals known to be impervious to lightsabers. The only hitch is that it only existed on Mandalor, and was thought to have been completely mined by the time the Empire came around. However, after the Youzong Vong [spelling?] War, a huge deposit was discovered, creating a process that made Mandalor a much stronger political and much more united entitiy.

The famed Boba fett did not have a true mando iron armor [except for the helmet, which was his father's] but rather a durasteel one - since by that time - mando iron was already very scarce, existing primarily in mando iron armor and weapons.

There are other substances that resist lightsabers [cannot think of any names at the moment] simply requiring more time, and a lot more strength to cut through them. The Vong-killer driods made by Lando's weapons company [Tellisandro Arms or something like that] used one of these resistant armors.
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