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Originally Posted by Yami-Yagari View Post
You really should check up about the classes´s specs before judging them. The trooper has one of the better armor types in the game, like the bounty hunter, and he´s clearly the tank in SWTOR, so he can take hits. Plus they have some abilities to keep distance between sith units. They can smash them with their guns for knockback and can launch grenades/rockets. Trust me, troopers can fight on even terms with sith warriors.... on a distance
Ah... distance is not really too much of an issue. The jedi can always just force push the grenades back at him, or chop his DC to pieces. Usually, it was through team coordination, as well as surprise [things the jedi were not expecting - mines, booby traps, etc...] that allowed the troopers to win. Arc/Commando Troopers were not wearing true mando iron, just the nice Katarn black ops armor [sometimes] which even then is vulnerable to lightsabers [but not grenades].
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