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Default Mythador Legends of forgotten times

Book 1

Page 3

Althanir and Erethear were in the deep forest now. It feeled like they had the longest journey of their time behind them, but they still saw the path from where they came.
Althanir ? Do you really think this was a good idea ? No I don’t, but now we are here. The Dark Presence was very strong now. And the both Elves had the feeling that someone was watching at them, or something…
It was not long before they reached the root of the Presence. But in this short time Althanir had the feeling that he has never been this far away from all. Allthough Erethear was near him.

Althanir saw a dark Crystal.The young Elves sat down and watched the Crystal.
Is that the thing we looked for ? Erethear looked at him expectanly. A dark Crystal… What do you think it is, Althanir ?
I don’t know… but it have the feeling that it is more then we think. We should go now!
I had the whole way round the feeling that something is wrong. We should never have come here.

Erethear had Althanir never seen so serious.
Come on ! Itīs just a dark Crystal with a Dark Pressence, said Erethear.
Or do you think its an Artefact of the old time with endless power that will give us the might
To get the world controll ? You don’t believe this fairy talesīs, or do you ?
Maybe I do…. Answered Althanir silent. Silent vote sounded around the two friends.
Quiet and threatening… Where does that come from ? Hello ? Someones there ?
Erethear got no answer. Master Tharanden ? Silence…. The silence felt so threatening that it seemed the world would sank in her.

Althanirīs inner voice told him that its time to get away from here.
Althanir ran the way back from where they came. He took no account of Erethear.
That was perhaps the biggest error he committed….
But he was not thinking about that now.He ran further and further until his hometown.

But this Crystal, the fact he let Erethear back. The time for Peace was near and end now…
The time for Harmony began to broke… The time began to end…

Althanir didn’t know where the Crystal came from, or what he achieved.
But he should learn it in the near future…

Ok, right now im at a point where i see that my story start would become muuuuuuuuch to long. So i did a cut in here
i will tell you how the Story ends
The middle of the Story you can think of yourselve. But i hope theirs enough potencial for expenses and unexpected events.

But the End of Story would be the End of the peace and harmony too.
So heres the End :

The War devastated the world... The Elves lost their great Power, lost their great Future... the Dragons disappeared and those who where able to stop all this madness where nowhere to find.... or dead. Stories tell about the return of Althanir. The people tell you that he will return and end all this madness that is now in the world...
Some people even say they saw the mighty Tharaden riding on a white Horse. And the Dragons of course.... what happened to them ? Got they destroyed by the War ? Or did they left the lands, to see everything end ?

But the one who never will be unforgiven... the one who did brought all this Chaos in the world... His name is forbidden to say, his mind in the Eternal Abyss banned... Maybe he is the one that can end all this Chaos and Corruption...

Im really happy about the end
Its may not the best Storie but the fact that english is not my motherlanguage says it all. If i would be able to write it in German it would be much better At least the Storie is ok for a guy who is 15
My Signature Pic is the best :)

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