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Emon Adian

Characters: Jeraard (human survivor)
Jainin (elven traveler capable archer and swordswoman)
Ron (travelling merchant and employer of a small party including Jainin and Moradar with his soldier group)
Moradar (The leader of the mercenary unit that helps a certain merchanta person with ulterior motives!?)

The first sunrays came up from beyond the peaks in the snowy mountains, all the way down to the lush little forest on the very outskirts of the known domain. As it lit up the forest the birds began to sing, it was a beautiful composition fit for kings. This morning seemed extreemly bright, except for the pillar of smoke that rose through the skies. The last of the screams died away as the fire began to retreat back until there was nothing left but rubble and ashes. On the outskirts of the town there was a broken sign and it said on the teared piece, Emon Adian. Emon Adian was the last post for any merchant and no armies ever went this far out in the land, what could have happened. Three days later a merchant group arrived. All to see what had happened so Ron decided that they would try and find out why this had happened. "Moradar, would you please ask you men to search for any clues?" At first Moradar seemed reluctant however he gave in and yelled, "search this forsaken town. I want to know what happened." The soldiers gave a salute and started searching. "Jainin, would you please help them?" Ron asked with a smile, Jainin was the only person in the party that was actually employed by Ron. The rest were mercenaries that a lord had employed for him to take him to Emon Adian. Jainin did not say a word but just started looking around, to the left there was something that looked like a blacksmith however as everything else it was burned to the ground. The only thing that was not completely burnt to the ground was a a small church on the edge of the village. Very close to the thick wall, inside was complete darkness the likes that gives people chills.

(too be continiued if i bother ) Afk sleeping
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