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Originally Posted by Josh Warner View Post
You're comparing basic clone troopers and stormtroopers to jedi/sith. For lack of available references appropriate to the time period - I never read many books - the non-jedi classes. Think Mandalorian, not regular trooper. Even the grunts had their own elite soldiers among them, don't need the force to be considered a hero in the star wars universe. And of course the jedi/sith especially in the Old Republic era - they weren't all nearly as powerful as Luke/Darth are, it's far more difficult to become a jedi/sith in the movie period the people selected are the best possible candidates. Note there's all of *Two* Sith in the movies, the Emperor and his apprentice Darth Vader. There's what, hundreds? historically for old republic, probably way more. And only three jedi, and two of them die lol. Four if you count Leia. I'm just pretending 1-3 don't exist for the purpose of the "movie" period, mind you. See no evil hear no evil speak no evil etc.
This is my areas...

Clone troopers especially the elite commando squads, were much more mando than stormtrooper. Compared to the qick-cloned stormtropers, they had recieved more than 4 times as much training, most of which was done by elite mandos, [mandilorians] and not computers. You should read the clone trooper books by Karen Travis. She has also done writing for Gears of War and Halo.

Also, Palpatine was probably the most powerful Sith ever. This is because he was not actually Palpatine. Darth Bane was an ancient Sith that had learned to take control of other peopl'es bodies, living in them after his own death.
He was the one that incorporated the Rule of two idea for the sith [instead of the order idea]. Any way, he would get an apprentice, then, when defeated by the more powerful apprentice, but before he was killed, he would take over him/her/it. Then he would have his previous knowledge, and the new knowledge that allowed the apprentice to defeat him. Thus, Palpative was more than a thousand years old, mentally [spiritually - his intellect and memory]. That is why he was able to control all of the senate, etc..

Part of the reason Palpatine was finally defeated ... [was he reallly? He did have so many clones of himself, after all. That was a sadly reoccuring theme]... is that Darth Vader was so robot that he did not want to take him over. That is why he wanted Luke so bad. [er.. to join the dark side].

Any other questions?

**Note I am assuming that Palpatine was Darth Bane because no where else in Star Wars lore does it speak of his demise [whichc would be hard to know about since it would really be someone else's demise] unless he was darht plagius and really was killed by his apprentice [something I find unlikely].
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