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Old 06-03-2010, 05:51 PM
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Well for both ETW and Sup Com 2 I had to install and update through steam to run the game offline...the logic is staggering.
Having to run the application to install and update is on the brigher end of the greyscale in my books. They're, for the most part, one-time deals and you don't look back. Certainly it'll be a hassle when the server support is discontinued, hence why it's still in the greyscale, but that just seems to be the reality these days.

However, having to run the application and stay connected while playing the game goes too far. That's out the greyscale and into the black in my books. I will not accept policies like this, and will not play games that apply them. As consumers, if we don't reject this kind of behavior it won't go away... and could get even worse (see Ubisoft...)

If it becomes a necessary then I think it will lose more customers than it will gain
From what I've heard - and this is mostly anecdotal - most of Steam's support base comes from the FPS crowd, and most of its detractors come from the RTS and TBS crowd. This isn't very surprising since Steam was launched with a high-profile FPS as its flagship product, whereas it has only had a couple of high-profile strategy releases (E:TW, SupCom 2) and it didn't help matters that these were widely considered inferior to their predecessors.

Steam is going to get Civ 5 as an exclusive, so it will be interesting to see how that goes through. We're talking about one of the most revered games in history going with a service that (to a large segment of its own fan base) is reviled. For me, I'm sticking to my principles and won't buy so long as it's on Steam. I have no illusions about that; there's a 90% chance that means I will never buy Civ 5 because it will never be released outside of Steam.
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