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Originally Posted by Josh Warner View Post
Old Republic from everything I've seen is closer to WoW than pre-CU SWG. But I'll reserve judgement until I've tried it, I hope it's the latter.

You're comparing basic clone troopers and stormtroopers to jedi/sith. For lack of available references appropriate to the time period - I never read many books - the non-jedi classes. Think Mandalorian, not regular trooper. Even the grunts had their own elite soldiers among them, don't need the force to be considered a hero in the star wars universe. And of course the jedi/sith especially in the Old Republic era - they weren't all nearly as powerful as Luke/Darth are, it's far more difficult to become a jedi/sith in the movie period the people selected are the best possible candidates. Note there's all of *Two* Sith in the movies, the Emperor and his apprentice Darth Vader. There's what, hundreds? historically for old republic, probably way more. And only three jedi, and two of them die lol. Four if you count Leia. I'm just pretending 1-3 don't exist for the purpose of the "movie" period, mind you. See no evil hear no evil speak no evil etc.
Ah, forgive my ignorance. I've only ever seen the movies, and enjoyed 1-2-3 better than the "first" movies that were made. Yes, I know I'm strange. But ah well.
In any case, you're saying that, say, the troopers should be related to figures like Commander Cody, I suppose? That makes sense, looking at it that way, as he seemed pretty beastly from what I saw.

Also, the original movies did indeed have very few Jedi, which was anti-climatic compared to KOTOR (which I just played for the first time today). I also don't really know what the average Jedi was, power wise, as it really only showed them getting back-shot in the prequels, and even they were more elite Jedi. I guess I really should do a little research. The only thing is, I eventually see us players capable of becoming much more powerful over the course of the game, and there's only so far a trooper can go without the force or something like that. It is worth noting that the equipment/abilities the trooper gets access to could completely derail that statement.

I apologize if I've again said something stupid. I really should read the books sometimes, I suppose. Anyways, correct any mistakes I've made if you wish.

In regards to your first statement, I can see where you're coming from. I haven't seen anything myself that says it's changing as much as guild wars 2 is (I'm basing that off of Guild Wars 2's dynamic events. We have yet to see if they'll live up to the hype) but I'm hopeful. I'll likely try it a few weeks after it comes out, just to see the reaction. There will likely be a lot of people playing it for those first couple of weeks, though .
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