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Old 10-23-2007, 05:45 PM
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Alright... too many questions to do quotes so I'll just do my best to answer them in turn.

We do not have an axe wielding human, we do have axe wielding orcs, and if Dwarves are released in an expansion you'll be sure to see them wielding some menacing looking axes.

We are planning to have "different" weapons within the game, show on models. I say planning because it is left to a finishing touch at the moment as it isn't a pivotal feature, if we have time, you'll see weapons on your infantry change as they are upgraded to better or different types. Also being considered is "trading" of weaponry where elven players could trade their better bows to humans and such for ingame currency.

Again we are "planning" on having a few skins for each unit type to break up "cookie cutter" armies. We want to minimize the amount however, so players cause still judge at a glance which model is what unit.