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Josh Warner is just really niceJosh Warner is just really niceJosh Warner is just really nice

Old Republic from everything I've seen is closer to WoW than pre-CU SWG. But I'll reserve judgement until I've tried it, I hope it's the latter.

Originally Posted by Swift sword View Post
Yeah, just saying that in the movies, they typically died by the dozens

Still, these are 'lite guys after all. That's a good excuse, and we have to have class mixup. I only learned about it Sunday myself, but I'm hyped already.
You're comparing basic clone troopers and stormtroopers to jedi/sith. For lack of available references appropriate to the time period - I never read many books - the non-jedi classes. Think Mandalorian, not regular trooper. Even the grunts had their own elite soldiers among them, don't need the force to be considered a hero in the star wars universe. And of course the jedi/sith especially in the Old Republic era - they weren't all nearly as powerful as Luke/Darth are, it's far more difficult to become a jedi/sith in the movie period the people selected are the best possible candidates. Note there's all of *Two* Sith in the movies, the Emperor and his apprentice Darth Vader. There's what, hundreds? historically for old republic, probably way more. And only three jedi, and two of them die lol. Four if you count Leia. I'm just pretending 1-3 don't exist for the purpose of the "movie" period, mind you. See no evil hear no evil speak no evil etc.
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