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Old 06-02-2010, 06:44 PM
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Nice. I tried to play the first shogun, but I could get past some of its older qualities(the camera controls).

So I guess I will have another shot at it.

Edit: It sound like they are making it more personal as you will play as 'someone' and they are adding some RPG elements. But I am worried about the hero units they mentioned. I hope they don't end up like hero units on some other RTSs where they can defeat whole armies by themselves. Not having units like that is what made Total war realistic (obviously) and GREAT. I would say that these hero units should better then your normal unit, but not an army killer (Like the hero units in Starcraft).

If total war turns into 'battle for middle earth' and 'age of empires' (not that these are bad games in there own right), I will stop playing it.
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