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Old 06-01-2010, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by LoveToKill View Post
Well Josh honestly if it where to be implimented as you say i think freesky but i think it needs to be on the map for everyone to see if implimented im not the hugest fan of sucha small map BUT if you all decide to keep it that wayy its aneasy way to keep tabs on the dominateing guild in the region id think. id go into it more depth but im nota writer lol
It's not small by any means, it's actually quite massive for our purposes. Why would we want to show all of this on a map when a search tool and match making can do all of this without requiring hundreds(thousands?) of pointlessly rendered cities, and a larger map. Also, you can't really tell the scale of the map until we release a map with a legend that tells you x length = y distance. The cities/terrain is really just there to make it look alive more than to be an exact replica of the world as we see it in our heads.

It provides a simpler, more steamlined gameplay and still let us do everything we could with an absurdly large map and every single city showing up to every single player outside of aesthetics.
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