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Old 06-01-2010, 05:27 PM
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Why couldn't guild cities/outposts whatever work in the same way as player cities - note this isn't how things will work, merely an idea I'm throwing around -they're "on" the map, but they don't physically show up, still have to matchmaking to fight them. Or possibly guild V guild would not be limited to matchmaking but be able to pick their targets amongst each other. Or there could be a limited number of guild cities that do show up on the map, and they can be captured so they trade hands often but they'd be on the map and you'd 'control' a certain area. Tariffs for players that try and go past, who knows, there's so many things we can do everything is very flexible here, the engine is great to work with.

As for actual guild content and stuff like that, again, I can't comment on plans, but I hope to give you some insight on how easy it is to create a simple yet competitive and entertaining system for it. I could probably come up with the basics for an entire system in a day, give me a few weeks and it'd be well balanced too. And I'm not even a design lead or anything, just a scripter. Kon and the other guys in charge of things like this are even better than I at this stuff.
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