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Old 10-23-2007, 08:15 AM
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sorry for the bump but this discussion is interesting

i read in the game features that time will change from day to night, so the wolves could leave their lairs in the night (as in reality) to find food, such as sheep, cattle (whatever the factions use to get food), so if you dont get your animals to safety in the evening it's a risk that wolves attack them.

the same with other creeps, like a pack of robbers, would kill/steal gold from latetime travellers.

the idea of move-around creeps is really good, those creep-lairs in the middle of a BFME map actually destroyed the realism and the look of a battle field.

with creeps running around in the DoF maps, it would also be great if the player could find their lairs/house somwhere in a forest or in the mountains to get the resources they've stolen.