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Originally Posted by GPS51 View Post
When I transform a unit does it keep it's xp upgrades that I've chosen?[/url]
The XP upgrades will stick.

Originally Posted by Yami-Yagari View Post
Since i read that orcs have a weaker shamanistic source of magic, i assumed there would be some way of recruiting shamans.
There is/will be, More information to come in the near future.

Originally Posted by nickson104 View Post
I love that its a hierachy of units, it means that the lower levels are just as important late game as the stronger units, they evolve as such
Yeah it provides for steady unit production in times of need. I enjoy the lack of cost for lower tiers.

Originally Posted by nickson104 View Post
One question though, If the orc economy mainly bases around food and wood, both of which are very lacking in the desert, gold will have to be spent to buy these resources. However the gold in the desert, will likely be spent mostly on TRAINING for your units, even if they are basic ones, I think veterans will allow raiding and quests to be done much easier and so a better flow of the other resources...

In the desert, will your quests be more likely to offer food/wood to compensate for the defiency? (I hope not, I would rather scrape by for a while, It will encourage offensive play)
Orcs currently are cheaper than other races and their primary units Laborers, Marauders and the goblins have no cost. At the same time as you can see they are weak too. I personally have not had an issue with resources but yes in the MMORTS mode you may use the political field to fetch some resources. Quests do offer resources as reward.

Originally Posted by Yami-Yagari View Post
About that, um, weren't orcs also able to build siege ladders? I know the trailers are outdated, but still why'd they get cut?
Not cut but in development.
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