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Old 05-29-2010, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Michael Mullens View Post
As you can see Orcs world is based around Food and Wood over anything else and their general units are a completely free spawn that then can be transformed into advanced units. Orcs have some impressive perks, just need to build those siege towers to scale the humans double layered walls!
This is just epic, a great first FF Thanks Michael

I love that its a hierachy of units, it means that the lower levels are just as important late game as the stronger units, they evolve as such

One question though, If the orc economy mainly bases around food and wood, both of which are very lacking in the desert, gold will have to be spent to buy these resources. However the gold in the desert, will likely be spent mostly on TRAINING for your units, even if they are basic ones, I think veterans will allow raiding and quests to be done much easier and so a better flow of the other resources...

In the desert, will your quests be more likely to offer food/wood to compensate for the defiency? (I hope not, I would rather scrape by for a while, It will encourage offensive play)
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