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Old 05-29-2010, 01:22 AM
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Originally Posted by GPS51 View Post
Woohoo! The wait all day was most definitely worth it. Congrats on your first FF. Now the perfunctory probe for more info --> When I transform a unit does it keep it's xp upgrades that I've chosen? Also could you elaborate on the differences between the cav choices of the orcs? I noticed both are good vs inf and archers but is there more then that? I enjoyed the read and look forward to getting my hands on all the units...I do have a thing for monster much fun...
I just spent many hours going through the units, no need to remember. You ask a good question about the upgrades and as opposed to saying what I believe I will verify from the devs tomorrow morning for you! To understand the Cavs strengths review where they originate from. The units pretty much state what they're good and bad against if there is no "Weak" against description they probably fair in the middle.

Originally Posted by otomotopia View Post
I'm happy to say that I found out about this via a Facebook update ^^

Great job Mr. Mullens!
Yeah, I posted the update there following posting the thread. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Originally Posted by u_have_krabs View Post
Yeah congrats on your first FF. Have to go through humans, elves, and this to see how they compare.
As you can see Orcs world is based around Food and Wood over anything else and their general units are a completely free spawn that then can be transformed into advanced units. Orcs have some impressive perks, just need to build those siege towers to scale the humans double layered walls!
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