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Originally Posted by Josh Warner View Post
If your archers are on a wall I'm sure they'll have the range to hit superior archers, even if still statistically weaker we're not going to let one player just go all archers and sit outside of your range. As for parapets, the walls have them, but they don't offer an increased protection statistically, however the Height not only provides increased range but it also means fewer of the enemies shots will land. Remember that realistic trajectory we like to talk about? Often times shots will hit the wall itself instead of your units, especially if you have a further height advantage combined with the wall (Cliff + Wall for example) it can be almost impossible for attackers to hit that high up.

Also, there will be certain additions to wall sections to improve it in various ways ranging from boiling oil to increased defenses against piercing attacks.
Thank you for clearing that up - also, I am sorry I forgot about the hoarding upgrades.
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