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Originally Posted by Yami-Yagari View Post
Even still, it isn't all that hard to crack either. It always starts with large rush of weak units, which is good to level your best hero you can afford, until like midgame, when they're smart enough to build different units, like cavalry and siege engines, but by then you already have fully upgraded archers and probably lvl 6 hero(es). Not that hard to figure out.
Unfortunately, most players do not follow such formulas, and there is absolutely a value at not figuring out AI patterns-you learn how to adapt quickly to a situation you don't fully understand, and even better- overcome it through sheer skill, instead of a 'method.'

Thank you for listing your resume Negthareas! Even if you are not fully applying yet, I absolutely appreciate your vote of confidence and support. Let's get into contact again soon mate.
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