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Old 05-26-2010, 02:38 PM
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Negthareas is on a good road to success

Well, here is a list of my skills [just for the record]

- I have been a mostly off-line player, and as such, do not have too much experience against human playes
- I have played mostly Medieval style RTSs, so this is my strongpoint [Age of Empires, Rise of Rome, Age of Mythology, Age of Kings, Age of Conquerors, Battle for Middle Earth 1 & 2]
- I have been very successful on all of these games with the diff. for AI on harest [BFME2 brutal - was the most challenging - I had a hard time with that setting]
- I inted to play all three races at this point, and do not think that any of the races is nec. superior [I have not played the game - and so will withhold my opinions on this until then].
- I can turtle and boom, but I am not much of a rush player, though I am working on developing that skill as well.

Hmm. I think that is about it.
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