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Old 05-26-2010, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by otomotopia View Post
Also, I don't think there are any winning/reset conditions, and I think it can get pretty boring if the only goal is to "be the best" when you can eventually have all the upgrades. You'll just be fighting against the best players with nothing to gain or loose besides troops or potentially soloing PvE cities. That can only take you so far.
Well, that's the thing. Fighting against the best can be fun at times, IF there's something to gain from all of it. like you said, if there's nothing to gain from it, it gets boring easier than, lets say, being able to either conquer or destroy your enemy (which works against you the same way).

I really can't wait for the guild mechanics to be revealed. I want to see more objectives and features that only guilds or groups can bring about.
We all want to see guild mechanics of DoF. Especially since guild wars seem to be the only real goal in DoF, to destroy your rivals and be top dog.
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