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Default Clan Dominion

Hear me, Hear me! The Warlord Otomotopia is seeking like minded leaders of all races to join under one banner! With his guiding hand, we will make our stake in this world with the tool of WAR. Set aside your differences, friends, and take up arms with him, for honor, glory, and wealth! Take up arms with Clan Dominion!
Forward from Clan Dominion's leader:

With the recent outbreak of guild activity, I have decided to take action and start organizing a group of players to join with me to make a name for ourselves. Your knowledge and merit will determine your place in this guild, nothing else. I recognize the benefits of having multiple races and homelands in one guild- giving players the opportunity to specialize in one area will both help the group strategically and let individuals develop their own tactics. Therefore, I will accept all races into this organization.

What makes Dominion different:
The way Dominion has the advantage in war is by having members of all different races use their strengths to fill the weaknesses of others, which in turn allows members to focus on specific types of units without sacrificing an overall diversity. By having a human player focus on cavalry and anti-cavalry units, an Orc player focus on mass fodder units and siege, and an Elven player focusing on long range and elite melee units, every base is covered and players can use their units to the greatest effect, because they don't have to worry about micromanaging multiple types of units.

Dominion plans on organizing our players to support each other and therefore ourselves. Every threat to one of our player should be taken as a threat to us as a whole, and it is expected that other players come to the aid of a threatened member if they ask for it.

Dominion will be organized organized and dominate in all aspects of the game, from war to trade. We will use our combined resources and power to control the market and the land. We will also provide our power, knowledge, and resources to select players and organizations who are in our good graces for a price, determined by the contracted member and the contracts' standing with our guild.

Dominion will project its force as it sees fit, but we will always respect our diplomatic and trade agreements with other guilds and clans, as long as the agreement lasts or the terms are not broken.

To us, Dominion is your race. Therefore, Dominion will allow its members to raid as they see fit. Dominion allows and encourages the practice of attacking other players of any race, but we also highly encourage getting another member who augments your force to support your attack.

A new dawn approaches.
Dominion has risen.

Any player who wishes to publicly join Dominion or ask questions about us should post here. My PM inbox is open to questions or pledges that you may not want public.
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