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Old 05-25-2010, 06:00 AM
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Originally Posted by DarkMaster View Post
I tell you, zombie invasion is going to be the way the world ends

Well, if I was watching the news and suddenly there were reports of zombies everywhere, I'd follow these steps:

1. Round up family, make sure they're safe.

2. Round up any possible weapons in my house. Knife blocks are a valuable source of these .

3. Strap the biggest, meanest knife I can find to a broomstick. I like spears that can also be used to slash to an extent (ie. Japanese naginata)

4. Cram as much fuel, food and water into both the family cars as possible.

5. GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE (in cars). Reason: if zombies turn people into more zombies, then naturally the cities are gonna be the places where the most zombies are.

6. Head to whatever country towns may have not been hit yet, and either join or start the local resistance movement.

7. Round up as many people as possible and equip them all with weapons.

8. Wage war against zombies. Hook up with army if possible, perhaps coordinate forces internationally (if there's no-one else already doing this. If there is, take orders). Use hit-and-run tactics to their greatest extent. The last thing you wanna do is let the zombies make more zombies.

9. Win war. If not possible, just do whatever it takes to stay alive.

OOOOOOH like that. Finally a legit reason to bludgeon people to death.
"The flower of friendship blooms even in hell. On the sand where waves come and go, it leaves its petal as a memento. We will make it bloom again someday, The Okama Way!" - Mister 2, Bon Clay
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