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Old 05-25-2010, 02:02 AM
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Begins to Crack fingers Ooooo yeaaaaa Anyway...

First id grab avaliable wepions at home load em inthe carand id bring meh some boxes probablyaround 5-10 realtivly deacent sized 2 orwhich will bewith canned food and boxed after thatssecured gas cans would be next Everyone knows moneys **** food water and gas are gold in zombie world Next is the difficult part but id probablygo to gas stations fill upon gas and again some food and drinks if ablehowevergas is the only priority next i either go to an outfitters or a pawn shop Why Guns then its just simply secureing and holding an area and restart civlization :x which is an extreamly wartered down version of my plan also ifsomechick was screaming with a **** load of zombies id prob snipe her if i couldnt help her im nothing if not merciful RaWr.

Also for the guy inmidevil armoryou do know befor your armorgivesout youlldie of heat stroke right
Or onceyour knocked over mby the horde of zombies you just sit there for a few days andkillover fromnowater thats if the armor dosent break befor then
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