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Old 05-24-2010, 12:40 PM
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zach12wqasxz is someone to look uptozach12wqasxz is someone to look upto

as for myself, my IDEAL situation is this if i worked out.

there is a military base within driving distance from my house, if i could reach it and hop the barbed wire fence somehow without killing myself i would go there, stock up on weapons and supplies. also there would be military personnel there capable of flying the helicopters and airplanes and useing automatic weapons. id equip myself with a pistol, 1 small sub machine gun, and 1 automatic rifle, and have a duffel bag slung behind my back with ammo and provisions. id also wear Kevlar armor, and some armor plates maybe, depending on how heavy they were. then, i would have the personnel there lockdown the base, and make a secure 24/hour 7/day perimeter and have everyone take turns in shifts, while others take the helicopter outside the base in search of supplies obtainable reasonably safely.
and if all else fails id make sure i saved a few tank personnel and hop in one of them and be prety much invincible running over and blowing up hordes of zombies ( until we run out of ammo and gas ).
food and supplies wise there are multiple gas stations and convineance stores by the base as well. so wed be set for a while considering i live in a low populaiton area and the base is in the country out by a lot of farms
thats my zombie apocalyspe plan.
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