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Old 05-24-2010, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Kire View Post
I dont watch zombie stuff so got just one question .... if you get yourself heavy medieval armour than zombies cant hurt you, right? Beside that i would take some water, sharpen my semi two hander sword.
Wrong, because even tough they can't bite you they can still dent the armor or eventually loosen a part of it. Also you would be overrun quite fast, the best would probably be a thick leather armor along with some plates here and there, Yet still light enough that you can sprint for a while. Also a semi two hander, that would probably be best for one lightly armored. You want speed not strength against zombies, they don't fear death and will hunt you together. If you can cut down a few and run then that is a better choice then standing tall and fighting all at once. However if you are confident you can hold them why not try that. I mean if you are very strong then that armor and weapon should not encumber you that much, so if you can still run in it that Should suffice. The most important thing with a zombie apokalypse is the ability to move, you don't want to stay at your house when the main horde arrives. You would rather go to the neightboring town to survive rather than standing ready to fight them till the end. Also a heavy armor is a good idea yes, however it can be too heavy and thats the problem with heavy armors. If you can't get away there is not point in having it, tough it should be fine if you plan on standing on something moving or got a bike

So really its up to how you use it, a wooden stick can be just as dangerous to the zombies as a sharp blade. If you use it the right way
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