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Old 05-24-2010, 05:35 AM
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First things first, find weapons. No matter the apocalypse a weapon is always first on my list. After that i would want to go get some food. Also if i were just going to hide from zombies then my own house should suffice, its situated on top of a small hill. Great view far away, a cellar that could probably take a bomb or two with a heavy iron door kinda like a vault. The windows down there were made for barricades, also i have a lot of windows but all i gotta do is cover them. So if i can make it out to the barn then that should suffice, right inside it is building material enough to build "almost" build a house and nails to help with. If i were to bring anyone then i would probably bring some girl that can help with things, not a helpless doll and is you ask why a girl then that is because in terms of psychology that you see in zombie movies then the person most likely to betray the rest is a man. Also we can do things together other then just watching the zombies rampaging If a woman cries for help and i can help her of course i would but there is always a limit I think i already covered the supplies but anyways i would get a lot of food and bottled water, also if we can make it just down the hill side then we get to a small dunno what its called but that thing that looks like a river only one m wide The main defense i would put up is probably a fuel fire trap, i mean we got so many different types of vehicles that it should be no problem finding a bottle of fuel to use for a trap. Also since it is a farm then there is also a lot of axes, scythes, knives, blow torches, starting cables for use together with a car battery to shock em and a bow powerful enough to send them sprawling. Along with a bunch of light rifles, swords, combat knives, machetes and if we get a hold of a lot of marbles then we can put em on the paintball guns and increase the velocity to make deadly full automatic weapons
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