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Old 05-23-2010, 04:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Yami-Yagari View Post
Yeah, buildtime had me worried a lot. If building timers take over like 1 hour to construct, it will affect the game seriously.
Im also wondering about army movement. How long does it normally take to move from A to B, and can you alter your course during movement, like say that your homeland is on the verge of being attacked, and you sent out your army, can you still recall them without any big time increasement?
In MMO mode things happen slowly, most constructions WILL take over an hour, but that doesnt mean theres nothing to do.... Why not train some units? Take some cattle to market? Raid a goblin camp? Do one of the many quests? The possibilities are endless! (Damn I sound like I'm advertising )

You will see your armies on the world map, and since they move in real time I am assuming that you can halt their progress any time and can change their direction
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