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Old 05-21-2010, 05:04 PM
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Kire has a spectacular aura aboutKire has a spectacular aura about

Look nice but at same time also little empty.

My opinion how could be filled with some mod added to it (this just example but could be done many things): There are 3 kingdoms (elvish, orcish and humanish). You choose which race you want to play. Than it would be similar to Rome total wars SPQR and 3 different families (red, green and blue). Here would be King and 3 Lords (one of them is you). Lords are trying to expand on borders (where are same faction passive towns - like rebels or opposition or just neutral, and ofc also hostile other 2 factions. Later when you grew in power you can overthrow king and deal with other Lords if not joining you. Or you can stay loyal and deal with other disloyal lords.
The other thing that could be added are invasions or powerful quests (to add some more RP elements). Like you must stop some orcish necromancers of bringing legions of orcs from different dimensions. If you dont than it just becomes little harder to win but more exciting =).
The last thing on my mind is that you cant allow to have all 3 races at same time. If you are elf than you would accept just elvish soldiers not some filthy orcs and that would be betrayal =P. If you are elf (or any other) you wish just destruction for other races =). It would need to be possible to destroy towns or keep them but its buildings train your faction units.

In MMORTS the exciting part is PvP, but here without that can be boring and must be added something exciting to replace that.

Edit: another mod came to my mind: About you vs environment, where would be all vs all (every town for itself) and no big forces trying to win by conquering all others. The major part would play powerfull quest and the lead of this would be prophecy (every game different). Than you would try with questing to find clues (like suddenly you would see more dwarves attacking from their caves and you could go there and find ppl that gives quest about it which starts leading to prophecy or not) and how to stop it, meanwhile making ally with others or waging wars for trade roads.... And if prophecy comes true than there would not be game over, just you must pay the consequences (like massive dragon awakening) which leads to your destruction and game over =P.

Picture made by Aametherar the orc

Glory to the elves!

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