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Old 05-19-2010, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by -Sigma- View Post
An interesting question that I've asked myself many times when i first heard about this game.

Its very obvious that a game like this has MANY ways of who to wage war against. Whether its against orcs, humans, elves or even your own race depending on who you choose.

As a Elven player ill be dedicating my war against the orcs for a long while, really putting them in their place. Then later on maybe pursuing some human towns and raiding some villages.

And then eventually creating an Elven Circle (Guild) and pursuing the dominance of elven race!

What about you guys?
Our PLACE is it? vvery interesting at firsti wasent really sure so where are you planning to settle again my elven freidn let me make sure my orcish camps near by > (i had planned to go for an elf anyway) Prepare for some spartan glory xD