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Old 05-18-2010, 05:26 PM
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Sorry to disagree with you game devs but i have to say i find voice chat neccesitale in An rts Given i havent had the opertunity to play but unless your maps are huge i could easly see where typeing will take away from gameplay i look down to type so now im serching for keys to hit sometimes and then trying to explain a plan on top of all that while manuveringmy own army then haveing to back space when my advesary changes there movements in every RTS that i play i have voice chat SC2 for example in 2v2 its Nice to have however i could type but it takes longer to do for some as a quick tap of a button and 3 seconds later your entire message or correctionto the message are made.

That being said however do i think its need to put one in the game no most ppl know of team speak or Vent and those who dont willlearn quickly but in those snap second decisions honestly you have to have it you could Lose alota troops trying to type.
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