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Old 05-18-2010, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by welshie View Post
Card game for a mmorpg is fail from start, get the idea out of your head now. the only thing you can incorporate with cards is rare items but then that brings a level of snobbyness into the game.
Originally Posted by Aelfwine View Post
Of course its an RTS where have you been all this time?
Just putting up a fair sudgestion if its plausible to implend a mini game inside the game for while your waiting to finish building things... gathering large stores of resources or waiting for your army to arrive from a long destination or for when you just dont feel like being fully active... and it would be quite nice if you could like win small amounts of resources or something for it.. maybe 1 piece of gold per win ^^.

ALso... sparrow, lolumad?

i agree a TCG sounds pretty stupid to me 2ndly when your bored outa your mind gathering resources Start a QUEST view the terrain aroundyour empire and formulate plans to counter act your future enemies Now when all thats said and done and then your bored Build a new castle ill give you a mini gamesounds like it would be boreing i honestly dont think anyone will stay around to playmini games ina RTS.

Reason for writeing this is im all for Improveing the game but somethingill prob never use andthatmaydelaythe game for even a moment longer then i have to wait now is unbareable cause im nerdy like Dat xD. Alsoi dont need another Blizzard :x
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