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Old 10-14-2007, 05:58 AM
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Originally Posted by kostiak View Post
It will be hard at first but I think the solution is to delete every off-topic or spam replay from now on. I were on lots of forums that applied that and after 2-3 off-topic replays you understand that and stop replaying off-topic.
Of course this helps, but noone wants to spend his time with deleting spam posts in the forums. We got more important things to do.

Originally Posted by Darvin View Post
I do find the small and pointless posts interfere more with discussions than they help. Unfortunately, I don't see an easy solution. A ten word minimum will just make them say MORE mindless drivel, which won't help.

One of the most effective - if blunt and unpopular - techniques for reducing such spam is to remove the post count. A lot of people feel the need to post to get more posts. If that need is removed, they will post because they want to. At least then the people who are spamming are doing so because they actually want to be involved in these conversations, not because they want a higher post count. However, it wasn't popular on any other forum, so I suspect this method wouldn't be popular here, either.
Thanks Darvin. Your posts are always profound and to the point.
Yes, a word limit doesn't change anything. I think it'd even cause spam.
Removing the post count is the best idea I read so far here. You can see how "far" you've come by your user title, showing the post count only induces topics like "who has the highest post count".

Whatever we do, we need the help of the community. If someone spams, remind him of the fact that this is deprecated. If he doesn't stop it, report the post(that small exclamation mark) and we will take further actions.
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