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Old 05-17-2010, 07:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Aelfwine View Post
Oh I dont mind that at all actually... I mean the reason I got into online gaming was cause people were friendly enough to tell me how things run... I mean what fun would it be if everyone just played like theyre headless chickens. It'd be funny... but it wont be satisfying. Heck I wouldnt mind loosing to a newb I taught how to play... but then Id have to lay waste to his army afterwards.
As for the spamming... Moderating Forums, chat rooms... and being a GM in small player made tend to build up immunity after awhile. Plus... I'd rather have a newb be friendly to me and not be attack, would be a waste of resources and you can get a minion for you world empire... WHAHAHAHHAH...

DO you know I like cashews?
Helping them out is ok, but most people i try to help tend to abuse my services. Always mailing me with questions, presuming i don't mind helping them 24/7, and whining when i don't know or can't find the anwser.
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