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Old 05-17-2010, 03:09 AM
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Well my honest 2 cents would be somewhat of a compromise maybe a river in the middle of a battle field allthough that for everyone would be a bit odd but it could offer another point to do battle good in the since the attacker may be able to lure there advisary out of the castle and for the defender to perhaps lighten any damage that could/would be inflicted to his towns Allthough moats i agree wouldjust screw it up but rivers somehow running through everyones stuff while nice and id love it in rain would be weird and insteadof sappers why not someone who candig trap holes and just have troopsfall to there death but limit the number you can putdown to like 3 - 5 since unit caps seem to be like 3k though i dont seeit being aproblem for more then again i havent played the game yet so i cant give an answer honestly on how it would work
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