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Old 05-14-2010, 05:10 PM
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Glad to hear that the beta is drawing quite near i figurede it would be released sometime soon after the 14th :x, To all youfortuinate enough to be in the beta Congrats idk if we will be able to follow your progress in closed Beta but non the lessi wish you all luck and i hope thatyou guys can clear the bugs as quickly as possiable, that way when open runs around i can show you some love. I look foward to any guides yall may make aswell.

For the Devs allthough i've known some what of DOF for a couple of years and just recentlyona whim registered for fourms gota say its one of my better decisions im glad i remembered the name My friends onvent are looking foward to this aswell. Honestly yallhave done a marvolus job (im not good at spellin i kno) and i honestly cansay at this moment im gladyou all stuck with Dawn of fantasy It's the only gameive been looking foward to since i found out all the juicy details of the game. Anyway in short please pass my thanks to the entire team.
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