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Old 05-04-2010, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Alex Walz View Post
I think a lot of you may be over-thinking the requirements. HTML's an easy language - you'll need to know formatting attributes, tables, line breaks, etc. Check out W3Schools and learn it in half a day.

As for graphics, we're not looking for an artist. Be able to resize and watermark images and make very simple banners and other images. You'll have our artists at your disposal for more complicated tasks.

CMS and FTP... just google these and then I can help you use them.

Social Media Marketing... know the big ones - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Digg. Know what kinds of audiences they appeal to and how their services can be used to market a product.

SEO... lots of good articles. It's all about how you mark up and publicize an article to try and get to the top of a search listing. Very basic knowledge needed.
You are right I was over-thinking it. but I would potentially like to apply for an internship more art related(hoping one comes soon). That would be a foot in the door in the industry that I am going to school for.
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