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Originally Posted by blackfang View Post
well bfme is the most overpowered game ever, you see a custom hero over there killing normal heros in one hit. Blasting away oliphants and creating massive armies in the middle of the battlefield. Of course its overpowered, there is only ONE totally balanced game out there... And that is *da da da DAAAA* rome total war. At least its as close to balanced, so if every game learned from that it would all be balanced
Actually balancing kills the game or makes it more boring, less interesting, less diverse and a lot of similarities with different name.
Well if you are making a game, for example native americans vs english troops, you cant make n.a. same strong as e.. I liked that at AoE2 where there was different tech and castle units for every faction, but it was based on their "historical" background rather than balanced all around. So there were some factions weaker but that didnt stop me from playing them, i liked it even more.
Or at WoW, at start it was interesting, every class felt like something special or different, but now they look almost the same, only different is dps/tank/heal.
And rome total war.... they all had that "long spear" formation .... everything looks almost the same, only the look/colour is different and some minor number tweaking.
But i agree on casual logical balancing. Like lowering damage/armor/... if that makes sense and that not destroy it lorewise (like strong attack in real history become here, because of balancing, just moderate or even weaker).

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