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Old 05-03-2010, 06:01 AM
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Same things happened in BFME2

Originally Posted by Feweh View Post

Stronghold had another problem. Catapults and Trebuchets. YOu could litterly build a trebuchet and sit back and knock down the entire enemy castle and have no consequence.

The problem here was building a castle or walls and the walls having no effect or lasting impression in the terrain when destroyed I.E: They disappeared.

DOF need's to have a better way of countering users just sitting there with 20 catapults, what stops them from just sitting there destroying your walls. Aware you can build Catapults on the wall.. but 1 or 2 catapults isnt going to stop 20 of theirs.

(People take in mind usually when you siege you have a superior force rushing out with cav isnt going to be the best idea).
BFME2 really suffers under this. People tend to create their own maps with unlimited resources and 4k cp, and the big flaw of it all that the only unit you need to make in order to win in trebuchets/catapults.
I've played on of said maps, and it was 2vs1, and we still lost seeing as we tended to create a diverse army with cavalry etc., while he had created over 200 trebuchets.
Before we even came close to take his trebs down, both our armies were literally destroyed, or so severly maimed we couldn't even put a dent in it.

Originally Posted by Feweh View Post
Overly ridiculous powers and creatures. Once again in stronghold, when they took the step to Legends it completely killed the entire game for me. Magic ruined so much fun and was so OP in the beginning and stupid.
BFME2, like its predecessor, has some of the most overpowered units. and it became even more overpowered in BFME2, with its create oyur own hero mode.
The elven ranger hero is overpowered beyond your compare. in BFME2, your own created hero cost 1500 resources, and at lvl 3, he gains the most overpowered spell there is.. Tornado .
You only have to use it once on a large condensed army in order to lvl your lvl 3 ranger to lvl 10 with just one spell. And if you have the upgraded version(which most people have ofc.) the tornado can literally survive for over 4 min.
By that time not only will your army be destroyed, but your fort will be seriously damaged to the point that when he counterattacks, you pretty much lost.

Although the custom made heroes are overpowered, the normal faction heroes are very strong as well.
I play dwarfs not only for their catapults and men of dale, but mostly because of their badass heroes, which once they'r put on defense mode, can destroy armies without dying, simply because they'r alot sturdier then other heroes in the game.
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