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This is all thought up off the top of my head while I'm about to fall asleep at my desk, fairly tired.

Originally Posted by Feweh View Post

Stronghold had another problem. Catapults and Trebuchets. YOu could litterly build a trebuchet and sit back and knock down the entire enemy castle and have no consequence.

The problem here was building a castle or walls and the walls having no effect or lasting impression in the terrain when destroyed I.E: They disappeared.

DOF need's to have a better way of countering users just sitting there with 20 catapults, what stops them from just sitting there destroying your walls. Aware you can build Catapults on the wall.. but 1 or 2 catapults isnt going to stop 20 of theirs.

(People take in mind usually when you siege you have a superior force rushing out with cav isnt going to be the best idea).
Two things which we could make this entirely moot - carry limit for resources on armies since they already require stone to fire. Armies do not need stone for anything else, and stone is obviously heavier than other resources, just make each stone take up more space to limit this sort of thing, they should be used to soften defenses not win the siege themselves.

Unit overlapping is another problem in many games, how many times in stronghold did units overlap and you not realize "OH **** THOSE ARENT PEASANTS THERES KNIGHTS UNDERNEATH THEM".

There seems to be a HUGE HUGE unit overlapping in DOF, how do you know what to practically attack when you cant see the enemy forces squad count properly? (Small idea, add banners to equip squad).
This isn't the sort of game where you pick targets, it's more of a strategic level of overall positioning. Have you forgotten ranged units have realistic trajectory? You cannot focus fire with them. And melee units certainly cannot focus fire for even more obvious reasons. Magic if anything will be the only thing you'll NEED to aim properly, the rest you will be fine with more general things. For example, it won't prevent your cavalry from running around behind the main engagement and running down archers or from targeting them with their own archers. But if you want to try and say kill a specific battalion out of a mass, you wouldn't be able to with or without clumped units because of the way archery works. Of course we're working on limiting, if not outright removing it, alex sheds some light on this below.

Overly ridiculous powers and creatures. Once again in stronghold, when they took the step to Legends it completely killed the entire game for me. Magic ruined so much fun and was so OP in the beginning and stupid.

Not only that mythical creatures and stuff. Now the only thing i can see being a problem here is dragons. How can dragons properly be balanced in sieges. Too weak they are useless and not worth the cost to hire, too overpowered and they'll bring down a entire wall section in a second.

One thing that is going to need a severe balance.
There are no super creatures, not even the heroes are 'super'. Well.. not player owned anyway I reserve the right to create ridiculously overpowered quest monsters. Magic may or may not end up being a game changing force, too early to say. I'm pretty confident in my own, and definitely the rest of the team's ability to balance this though.


The major flaw in stronghold was the sieges itself,

Anyone ever play stronghold and notice how getting sieged never felt like a siege, it always felt like one catapult knocking down a wall or a mass ladder attach to one wall and the HUGE UNIT clumping just going up one side.

Right now im seeing pure one wall pushes, none of this huge battle all across the castle. I know unit clumping his hard to work a work around for, but if you have units overlap it's going to cause minor tactical problems.

Anyways, thats my feedback, suggestions. Feel free to discuss your feelings on certain flaws you see and what not.

This huge battles all across the castle thing isn't possible for most players on an awareness level. In most games where that happens it does not mean it is the most effective strategy by any means, it is simply that the effort required to attack in many different places at once is beyond most people.

I'm sure there will be some sort of limit on how quickly/many units can move up at once, or I'd like to see that anyway, but right now the main way to take a castle is not with masses of siege since you run out of stone before killing everything, nor with a handful of towers, it comes from taking the gate and sometimes nearby walls. Right now I tend to send my most durable units up onto the walls with my siege towers/treants while I ram down the gate and move my own archers just in front of the walls, then try and target their own archers with mine while doing my best to keep the ram alive. A lone ram without support can and will die very quickly to the defenders, you need to make a concentrated push.

Most sieges revolve around the gates and nearby walls, though it's certainly possible to with fog of war, a bit of distraction, and well timed towers take another part of the wall and swarm their king, or the gate crank and open the gate from the inside.

Hope that gets rid of any fears or concerns, sleeping soon as another day of making this game come alive starts tomorrow. I'll check back throughout the day though.
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