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Old 05-02-2010, 09:17 PM
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Default Learning from past game Mistakes.

I'm putting this in general discussion because... it's both suggestions and a general debate topic regarding DOF and games very similar to it.

(If a mod feels it doesn't belong feel free to move).

So i was playing Stronghold today, i haven't played it for ages so i decided to pull it out. Stronghold will be my main reference point for my post. if you have other game examples feel free to use them!

One of the key breaking points of this game for me was probably the Map sizes, as well as the room you have to build.

You're area became so over clumped together than it becomes a huge mess

DOF needs to a have a decent enough area that you arent overwhelmed by there being no space at all on your screen. Although everything is predefined building wise so we should be good.

Stronghold had another problem. Catapults and Trebuchets. YOu could litterly build a trebuchet and sit back and knock down the entire enemy castle and have no consequence.

The problem here was building a castle or walls and the walls having no effect or lasting impression in the terrain when destroyed I.E: They disappeared.

DOF need's to have a better way of countering users just sitting there with 20 catapults, what stops them from just sitting there destroying your walls. Aware you can build Catapults on the wall.. but 1 or 2 catapults isnt going to stop 20 of theirs.

(People take in mind usually when you siege you have a superior force rushing out with cav isnt going to be the best idea).

Unit overlapping is another problem in many games, how many times in stronghold did units overlap and you not realize "OH **** THOSE ARENT PEASANTS THERES KNIGHTS UNDERNEATH THEM".

There seems to be a HUGE HUGE unit overlapping in DOF, how do you know what to practically attack when you cant see the enemy forces squad count properly? (Small idea, add banners to equip squad).

Overly ridiculous powers and creatures. Once again in stronghold, when they took the step to Legends it completely killed the entire game for me. Magic ruined so much fun and was so OP in the beginning and stupid.

Not only that mythical creatures and stuff. Now the only thing i can see being a problem here is dragons. How can dragons properly be balanced in sieges. Too weak they are useless and not worth the cost to hire, too overpowered and they'll bring down a entire wall section in a second.

One thing that is going to need a severe balance.

The major flaw in stronghold was the sieges itself,

Anyone ever play stronghold and notice how getting sieged never felt like a siege, it always felt like one catapult knocking down a wall or a mass ladder attach to one wall and the HUGE UNIT clumping just going up one side.

Right now im seeing pure one wall pushes, none of this huge battle all across the castle. I know unit clumping his hard to work a work around for, but if you have units overlap it's going to cause minor tactical problems.

Anyways, thats my feedback, suggestions. Feel free to discuss your feelings on certain flaws you see and what not.