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Old 05-01-2010, 11:24 PM
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What I was wondering, and I wonder if anyone agrees is..well, given the number of unit upgrades that we see here ( mail upgrade, plate upgrade ), would it be possible for the units to change their looks as we upgrade them? For example, you start off with a generic human footman, clad in leather armor and bearing a short sword or something, then with the mail upgrade he gains that armor visually and a long sword or something, with plate armor they become as we've seen them in screenshots. I'm not sure how much work this is, but in my opinion the model of the unit should not change, thus making it easier, only the armor and weapon or something like that. Not sure if that would only be a texture remake but still, given how long you need to train these units online and how many of them there will be, it would be a nice addition that adds some variety, and perhaps shows a player the level of technological development of their adversaries in a fight.
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