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Originally Posted by Wizaerd View Post
My last post on the subject (for the day at least... heh heh heh) It's not just an RTS. You are correct, there are a myriad of RTS games that have single player, but this game isn't just an RTS... It's a Kingdom Simulator as well, where you build a city and a keep... It features more up to date an innovative features than a regular ole RTS game would have... And offers an experience that you cannot find in any current RTS game...
I apologize if I seemed to have been generalizing, it is just that given the multiplayer component of the game, single player is largely unnecessary, at least it is so in my opinion. Like I mentioned earlier, the persistent online building up and everything is structured in a way that makes it almost possible to play as a single player game, with a slight risk of getting attacked while you are online. Now I understand that you're not interested in the online gaming part, but what prevents you ( aside from not having an internet connection, though you do seem to have that:P ) from just playing it online without any interaction with other players? Perhaps reverie might even implement a system where a player might choose in the beginning to play a PvE game of sorts with his/her kingdom, in other remove the option of being attacked by others. The game would remain online and be played online, you might have chatting possible if you want to, but you would be..for all intents and purposes alone. Anyhow, that's my view as I stated earlier, I just find it unnecessary to implement a new game mode when it can be so seamlessly incorporated into the existing persistent online world
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