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Old 04-30-2010, 07:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Josh Warner View Post
Lots of disinformation in this thread and even more poorly worded statements

There will be plenty to do for those of you that do not wish to play online. The lay siege/castle defend will be playable against AI. And some other things that I can't go into detail on yet, I will say that one of the other single player modes will be on a grander scale, not just a small skirmish.

That might seem small but it changes the game dramatically. You can't see what your opponents will be building in MMORTS mode, you go into battles blind as to what you'll be facing and armies train very slowly so losing a large amount of units, or massing a single unit type will make you incredibly inflexible. Unlike a normal RTS you can't mass THEN see what they have and mass something else. You need to have a well balanced army or you're flipping a coin on whether or not your army will go up against units that they're weak to, very risky.

and this is what makes the game much more realistic and strategic, and not a big blobfest to see who can crank out the most units faster, wich i find in almost every single rts ive ever played in my entire life